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September 5, 2010

Remember this?


Our a new Apartment unit


Do you see the living room space on the plan? Well, I can finally show you the living space because our sofa just arrived today! Although there are still some unfinished touches, it’s a great way to continuously show you guys more updates in the future! Here is our living room set.


Excuse my camera. I did the best I can considering the fact that I don't have a wide angle camera and our apartment is really small =)



Another view of the space.



Wished I could capture the floor to ceiling space with just one shot.


There are a few things missing such as wall arts and our glass coffee table that I have yet to purchase, but I do love the color scheme and of course our lovely rug! I don’t generally recommend having a rug on a carpeted floor but in our case, I just love how it really defines our living space! What do you think so far? Stay tune for more updates and pictures!


June 20, 2010

Deals of the week..

Overstock Deals of the Week

Looking for Living room furniture? Each week I will try to get a deal board up displaying items that are on sale and in stock. This week is Overstock deals on living room furniture, some of which will possibly will be for own my space. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.


1. Traverse Sofa Table – $159.99
2. Espresso 5-piece coffee table and ottomans set – $416.99
3. Two-tone coffee table – $181.99
4. Corsica lovely vanity storage bench – $179.99