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June 22, 2010

Summer Loving…

Chicago Lake Front

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood! My day started early so I got to enjoy every minute of this gorgeous day in Chicago. After lugging three bags full of clothing that the FI and I have sorted through during our summer cleaning to our local church, I was totally grateful to have an empty cart. You see, I was walking for at least a mile with my cart and was all sweaty and yucky but the Chicago breeze was such a blessing because it cooled me down instantly. With my empty cart, I casually strolled back to my apartment while at the same time enjoying the blooming flowers all around our neighborhood. The flowers were lovely and full of vibrant colors. I cannot wait to finally move into the new space because the first thing that I will do is get some beautiful flowers for the house! I’ll just have to share. Aren’t you jealous that my neighborhood is better than yours? lol I am kidding! Please take a look =)

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June 22, 2010

Color Splash!

Freshly picked from the trees today

No, I’m not talking about David on HGTV “Color Splash” (but I do loveeee him though)! I am actually talking about the quickest, easiest, cheapest, and healthiest way to bring some colors into your home. Ready for this? Fruits! Green apples, sweet oranges, yummy strawberries, or ripe bananas. Just place them in a glass bowl or vase and voila! you just instantly turned the color temperature up in your kitchen, living room or dinning room. On top of that, with the fruits laying around, it’ll encourage you to snack smartly. So bring some colors into your place this summer and head to the grocery store now!