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May 13, 2010

Career Day 3


I finished updating my portfolio yesterday night. I am happy with it (for now) and have sent it to C. Design personnel that have been helping me. I will now finishing up my resume and cover letter. Last night I had trouble sleeping, this is esp. rare since I can almost always fall asleep anytime anywhere. Things were flashing in my head- relationship, career, friendship, family… etc. When Life doesn’t take it time to let you breath, moments like last night were rare. I had a chance to really analyze everything that has been happening over these past years. There are still so many unanswered questions, but I feel better knowing that I am no longer scare of what’s ahead. Really, I am not afraid – no use to be afraid. Throughout my life I often feel that people like to take advantage of me but will that change the way I will behave in the future? I won’t grow bitter nor stop being who I am even if it seems my honesty and integrity is always being taken advantage of. I believe one of these day someone will noticed and someone will appreciates who I am and that is where I will be and will fit in. 

  In the next few weeks I will see if all of my hard works will all be worth it. There are so much I need to take care of esp. now what the economy seems to show no mercy to students. All of the banks are no longer accepting private loans consolidation. I just have to stay on top of this problem even if it means I will be on a strict budget from now on. We are thinking of moving to a cheaper neighborhood until both of us can have our financial issues under control. I barely have time to celebrate my success when once again have to deal with what to come. Faith keeps me going. Thank you everyone that are part of my life and continues to support me in spirits.