October 9, 2011


Another start over…
Make that the 5th time I’m starting over…
This time is the scariest…

Long story short…
I’m so overwhelmed with thoughts…

Visit me if you want…
Because we’re moving by the end of November! 

September 24, 2011

You have those friends that…

it seems every time you talk to them you ended up depress…

Everyone faces his/her own obstacles,
and he/she alone can change his/her situation…

Friends are there to help encourage,
to offer a shower to cry one,
to take you out drinking or eating,
to make sure you have a place you can go to,
but… they are not there to solve problems for you…
only you can do that!

You are an adult now… stop waiting for people
to rescue you!
We hate to see you like that,
but we can’t be depress with you…

Negative energy is a no no…
I can offer only positive vibes,
wisdom, and feedback…
what or how you take that and change
your situation is entirely up to you!

Get out of that stage already!
We love and care for you…
We just hate having to say that over
and over, and over again…

Choose to believe it or don’t… 
Until you choose to use our help in an
entire different way to help yourself…
save the drama and the depression…
It’s hard not to get pull down with you…

Think about it… if we’re down too…
then who will help you?

Take care my friend!  

September 22, 2011

Life is so busy….

…that you forget the little moments.
But these are the sweetest of all.

I like watching him sleep.
So peaceful and boyish too…

I like his random text.
Like today he wrote:
“toi yeu ban nhieu lam nha, cua toi tinh yeu”
It was probably from a translating device,
that totally screw up the real English sentence…
But I love it none the less 🙂

I love how he would be on a random
midnight run for me when I crave something…
Last night were the chicken wings 🙂

I like how he would do dishes after I cook…
and keep his things neat, clean and orderly. 

I love his boyish smile whenever I pack lunch 
or cook for him… and I love that he loves Pho
esp. my Pho 🙂

I love that he lets me sleep in on weekend mornings
and then wake me up with coffee and breakfast…

I like that he lets me have those lazy days
when I can watch anime or drama all day
and he even brings me blanket so I won’t be cold… 

I love that he loves me and shows it…

I love that I can say all of the above are true.


September 21, 2011

It’s so hard now a day to get some time with him…

Felipe is constantly working and studying…

My crazy work schedule doesn’t help either… 

We have these amazing beautiful morning and we are both at work…

The best part of the day still is coming home to each other 🙂

We are really thankful for that amazing week in Hawaii to celebrate us!

I will make some hot Pho tomorrow so he will have something warm to come home to 🙂

Oh, how I love Autumn<3

September 4, 2011

Ulisse Murphy Bed

LonnyMag feature this Ulisse Murphy Bed in their July/Aug2011 Issue and I thought it was again, so brilliant! It is beautiful, functional, and clever. A +

Via:  Ulisse Murphy Bed.

June 7, 2011

Sooo random

Felipe text: hey you, I love you
My text: I was about to text you that, you beat me to it!
Felipe text: I’m a ninja..!


Elizabeth: we got you ice creams!
Me: Is it the mini ben&jerry cookie dough?
Elizabeth: i..t.
Felipe: NOPE!
Me: aww…
Elizabeth: it is, he sure knows you..
Felipe: I’m a ninja..!


haha he sure knows me and def cracks me up with his i’m a ninja comment every time!


May 20, 2011

Walking down this road,
I’ve found so many broken dreams.
Shattered pieces of my life,
I leave behind me.
Never to pick them up.
Winds whisper to carry on.
The whispers rustle through the trees,
Carrying this heartfelt song.
Not knowing what lies ahead,
But remembering what stands behind.
Shall I take one more step?
What is it that I’ll find?
Holding God’s hand,
As he walked me down this road.
Having the faith of a child,
That very few know.
The faith that brought me thus far.
That helped me to understand,
Why I’m standing next to you.
Why I’m holding your hand.

May 20, 2011


Can you hear that?


…that’s right, it’s the sound of peace and quiet

Loving Friday Night
waiting for our food being deliver
no prepping, no cleaning…. 

and then… lots of movies…

Life is good tonight! 

May 9, 2011

I’m at my wits end 
somebody tell me where this skit ends
don’t know where to go from here 
feeling weathered like a split end
nothing worse than coming up short

May 9, 2011



I am just a ball of mess…
Why are there still so much to do?
Why isn’t anyone helping me.

If I just stop – just do nothing – what will happen?
It’s only Monday…

…but, I’m already so frustrated!

 “I’m frustrated because
I can’t tell if it’s real
Frustrated because
I don’t know how you feel
I’m frustrated because
We didn’t talk last night
Frustrated because
We can’t make things right
I’m frustrated because
There is no trust
Frustrated because
I know that’s must
I’m frustrated because
I need you night and day
Frustrated because
I can’t have things my way 
I’m frustrated because
You don’t want to take my hand
I’m frustrated because
I can’t get you to understand
I’m frustrated because
I can’t feel your gentle touch
Frustrated because
I miss you so damn much
Frustrated because
We can’t be together
I’m frustrated because
Even through everything I’ll love you forever”