I’m Kathy Laiao and I am a recent graduate of Harrington College of Design. Currently I enjoy living the city life with my wonderful fiance. When I am not running about doing errands, I enjoy cooking and reading design blogs. Chicago has so much to offer in the summer, so if I am lucky, I get to spend the day at the beach or having a picnic with friends. Arming with the newly acquired Bachelor of Fine Arts, I am actively looking to build a career in Design that I so very much enjoy.

With the wedding planning and job hunting, owning a house is not an option. While city life is full of adventures, the living space is often cramp. I hope to inspire others to transform their living space no matter if the places are own or rent or how big or small they are. Learn along side with me as I continues to further my education in the school of life. Welcome to the secret life of a Interior Designer that is just so happy that she’s finally done with school and ready to make things happen in real life. Follow me as I tackle the challenge of turning a small, rental apartment into a space my fiance and I both can enjoy.

I enjoy hearing feed backs and comments so contact me  and ask away!

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