Oh yeah.. 2013

I realized that
my last entry was such a Negative Nancy kind of post,
so to really change that…
I decided to write a new post.
It’s a New Year after all!

It has been quite wonderful!

The last few months of 2012 was …uh.. 
quite eventful (to say the least)

I don’t write on here much anymore,
you know about my other blog right?

But I can’t really leave leave here…
and I esp. not with the last negative (so unlike me) post…

So basically, I’m writing this post 
about this post…

uhh… so confusing!



4 Comments to “Oh yeah.. 2013”

  1. I read this last night? and didn’t get to respond.You need to write more.  I need to write more.  We need to reconnect.  :)Happy New Year, lovely.  I hope it’s all you’ve ever wanted and more.  God Bless you, Always.  

  2. I’m very happy to do that.  

  3. @TrainTrack – Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

  4. Yeah, please don’t leave here. That would be a real downer. 

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