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February 11, 2013

It’s a New Year (again)

I’m so excited for this coming year.
The year of the snake!

You know what my Dad wished us
when we called at midnight NYEve to ‘chuc Tet’?

He wished us a ‘little Dragon’ aka snake baby….

If he only knew how much we wanted that to happen…
But that’s for another post…

I have a wonderful feeling about this year<3
Do you?

We stayed up late Sat night to finish up our laundry…
got to welcome in the NY with a spotless house… and clean laundry!

I just wish everyone near and far…
A new year better than last..
luckier…. etc…
and all of your wishes come true!

Welcome the year of the snake ya’ll!

February 7, 2013

Oh yeah.. 2013

I realized that
my last entry was such a Negative Nancy kind of post,
so to really change that…
I decided to write a new post.
It’s a New Year after all!

It has been quite wonderful!

The last few months of 2012 was …uh.. 
quite eventful (to say the least)

I don’t write on here much anymore,
you know about my other blog right?

But I can’t really leave leave here…
and I esp. not with the last negative (so unlike me) post…

So basically, I’m writing this post 
about this post…

uhh… so confusing!