Lately I have been thinking a lot of negatives.. 

like tomorrow if I disappear will anyone notice?
like what is my purpose in life?
do I make any different in those that cross my path? 

What’s wrong with me…
I just feel like a loser that’s all…
it makes me sick to my stomach…

I hate being negative… 



8 Comments to “”

  1. @SHMILYbaby – What a nice thing to say! You made my day!

  2. @TrainTrack – you are sweet… you know that?

  3. no disappearing!!!!! talk to me

  4. you need a vacation… seriously.  get away for a bit.  it’ll do you some good.and no, don’t be negative. you are a beautiful lady and your presence is much appreciated.  i love everything about you.  i love that you are so creative and are kind.  sweet.  you’ve got such a bright smile.  you’re sincere and trusting.  dont be hard on yourself.  smile.  it’ll make you feel a whole lot better.focus on the positives.  :)be happy Kathy!-tuyen

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