He puts on his brand new pair of shade today and I felt a rush inside.. 
What a hottie! – I was thinking

Yes..I have the hots for my husband…

lol, what’s it like to crushing on the one you already have? 
let me tell you that it is a wonderful feeling…
I should really write a poem about this…
Will this be the first? Remind me to Google…



2 Comments to “”

  1. @SilLyliLthAnG – oh yes… I miss you too, I wish I have tons of money to fly to see you right away and hang out for real real.. wish I had more time at the wedding to hang out with you 😦 and the snail mail hehe.. let get that started soon shall we? 🙂 hope things are good over there!!

  2. Nothing like still having the hots for the one you love.  It keeps the flames alive.I miss you.Thought about you the other day and how I am overdue for our snail mail.-Tuyen

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