Life is so busy….

…that you forget the little moments.
But these are the sweetest of all.

I like watching him sleep.
So peaceful and boyish too…

I like his random text.
Like today he wrote:
“toi yeu ban nhieu lam nha, cua toi tinh yeu”
It was probably from a translating device,
that totally screw up the real English sentence…
But I love it none the less 🙂

I love how he would be on a random
midnight run for me when I crave something…
Last night were the chicken wings 🙂

I like how he would do dishes after I cook…
and keep his things neat, clean and orderly. 

I love his boyish smile whenever I pack lunch 
or cook for him… and I love that he loves Pho
esp. my Pho 🙂

I love that he lets me sleep in on weekend mornings
and then wake me up with coffee and breakfast…

I like that he lets me have those lazy days
when I can watch anime or drama all day
and he even brings me blanket so I won’t be cold… 

I love that he loves me and shows it…

I love that I can say all of the above are true.



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