I am just a ball of mess…
Why are there still so much to do?
Why isn’t anyone helping me.

If I just stop – just do nothing – what will happen?
It’s only Monday…

…but, I’m already so frustrated!

 “I’m frustrated because
I can’t tell if it’s real
Frustrated because
I don’t know how you feel
I’m frustrated because
We didn’t talk last night
Frustrated because
We can’t make things right
I’m frustrated because
There is no trust
Frustrated because
I know that’s must
I’m frustrated because
I need you night and day
Frustrated because
I can’t have things my way 
I’m frustrated because
You don’t want to take my hand
I’m frustrated because
I can’t get you to understand
I’m frustrated because
I can’t feel your gentle touch
Frustrated because
I miss you so damn much
Frustrated because
We can’t be together
I’m frustrated because
Even through everything I’ll love you forever”


2 Comments to “Endless…”

  1. @SilLyliLthAnG – this is why I love xanga… it’s my escape.. whenever I have things to say but can’t express it… somehow writing it out on here makes me feel much better…. or it’s because you always reading and always care… thank you trin… from the bottom of my heart ❤

  2. yeah, im really feeling this entry.how are you?  if you need help and i can do it, lemme know :)-Tuyen

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