I failed at friendship.
I need to try harder.
Part of me just want to close myself shut
but the other does not want to be a coward.

I have no confident. 
If only there is a book for all of this
Is there?

It’s hard to hear what your friends really
think about you.
Must not let all of these hurts get in,
Because indeed they are mostly truths.

But am I really that bad?
I hope not
I am not that bad
After all they loved me once.

I think I just get too comfortable
at hurting people who are closer
because I assumed they are afterall
the ones that understand me most
the ones that I can be myself around.

But how wrong am I
Of course only my sisters would stick around
Who can really truly deal with me
I can’t even deal with myself.

I guess that’s why I don’t deal with myself
I thought I only need to deal with my friends.  
I thought that’s what friends are for
I let them be themselves and
they let me be myself.

Maybe all I really need is making the
right type of friends.

Will this ever get easier?
I’m 27 yet i’m still a failure at


3 Comments to “”

  1. i have never met you in person, but i think you’re a beautiful kind person with lots of life to share.  chin up!

  2. @guy2f0ine – wow Hiep.. not only you’re on xanga… but you are replying. You always know how to cheer me up! thank you from my heart!  

  3. you’re an awesome friend, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

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