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December 19, 2010

Work X-mas party today…
all I can say is…
I am thankful!

Love always,

December 12, 2010

Half way through December…

boy time sure fly by…

Tonight is the Amazing Race finale!

I usually don’t follow it but I feel like
watching it tonight.

We talked about the show sometimes
and both agreed that we will be a terrible
team for the Amazing Race.

This coming from knowing ourselves and
our relationship well.

See… we are a great team when time is
not an issue.
Meaning when we have our disagreement
we take time out to cool off before start
working it out again.

With my short temper (esp. when tired,
hungry, and lack of sleep) stubbornness and
pride it’s hard to see his point when
my feeling is hurt.

With him reacting based off my emotions
sometimes he shuts down and will not
speak a word to me.

That I say is a lose lose situation when
we are in a race because there is no
time to lose or to talk it out.

At least we agreed on something lol.

December 6, 2010

River of life…


one thing after another…

I am exhausted…


money is such a big part of life…

how do we escape that?

some how though…

together we will make it..



December 3, 2010


I love receiving them…

They are my goodies,
the one that will help me complete
my DIY (do it yourself) invitations.

My invitations are truly the labor
of love…

So many projects so little time
and energy.

On another note…
I hate shopping! or more like
the crowd, the line, and the
annoying traffic…

It take mad skills to maneuver
around all of these crazy
shoppers who willingly bump,
crash, or run you over…

No more shopping in store for me!




December 1, 2010

It’s a cold cold world…

But I have a warm warm heart…

Oh and a warm tummy too
since I have just ate Pho…

This is the season for hot soups
and I love cooking them.

He loves to eat them so
it’s definitely win win…

I can hear the train go by
every 10 minutes or so

I can see the lights of the city
outside my window

I can feel the warmth of my
hot cocoa…

Oh yes, the winter in the city
how I love love…