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November 27, 2010

Long weekend off..

Yeah about that…
I have been spoil (kinda)
with this 4 days weekend!

The best part about it is
he also have 3 and 1/2 days
off as well.

We wake up together
make breakfast together
have our coffees together
clean and do laundry together
cook together, watch movies

and the list goes on…

The result is a spotless house,
clean laundry, fridge stock with
groceries, and favorite shows
all caught up.

Best of all… we are also caught
up with much needed discussions.

Now we are both on the same

God is good to us, and we are

It’s another beautiful sunny
morning outside… I am glad
I get back to my writing!



November 26, 2010


Our little home is decorated for Christmas.

While we won’t be spending Christmas here
but we will be here the weeks leading up to it.

To get into the spirit and to get excited about
our trip home, our home is all decked out with
Christmas ornaments.

All we need now are the snows to complete the
winter spirit.

He thinks I’m silly for getting all excited about
the holidays. Secretly I think he rather enjoy
it himself (and thinks it’s cute.)

I can’t blame him for nothing caring about
holidays. Growing up without your parents
close will do that to you. How can he understand
something if he never experienced it.

Maybe it is a bit sad that he doesn’t share
my spirit (now), but even without him saying it
I can tell that he’s thankful one of us is. Lets
hope soon enough I’ll rub off on him. We will
have our own little traditions.

A man shows love in many ways… not just the
way you imagine it in your head ❤



November 26, 2010

The little things…

Relationships are often complicated. Period.

Learn to forgive is what love is all about.
I’m talking about forgiving yourself.

Feeling guilty over something that already happened
won’t change what already happened.

Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made
and move on.

Once you forgive yourself, others will too…

Isn’t that complicated?