Sunday Envy…

Every now and then I would get envious of the kids that have it all. Growing up with two younger sisters,  I  never had the opportunity to have my own room. I am not complaining that sharing a room with my two awesome sisters was a bad thing since it was great to have them around to keep me company at night (we had so much fun gossiping the night away) but our bedroom was unfortunately only a cramped ten by ten box with little space for unique characteristics. We attempted to personalize our space by adding a curtain here and there but nothing dramatic. We also had the chance to pick the style and color of our  bunk bed and the dresser but it was nothing in comparison to the bedrooms that I am about to show you! It is Sunday so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite kids room. Go parents!


I love how bright and fun this room is. The chandelier is such a nice touch!



This boy room is perfect with the wide stripe and bold color!



The headboard is such a wow factor!



Again this room is full of colors and awesome details!


I hope that’s enough eye candy for this week (though you can never get enough). Well, here comes Monday guys! have a blast!

(all images are from – click on images to take you right to the sources)


4 Comments to “Sunday Envy…”

  1. i likey
    cozy cozy
    but my kiddos
    don’t want a room of their own
    they want to stay with mommy
    and from their mouth, “until we’re old”
    i laughed inside but touched at the same time
    i wonder how long they will want to stay. lol

    • your kids are wise! after all they don’t have to worry about nightmares and the dark. I never once regret sharing room with my two sisters but of course when I was in my 20s and they are in their late teens it was a tad hard to keep the room super organize since we totally outgrown the space 🙂

  2. Great post, I love your designs,

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