Rules… what rules?

While I was still in school, I had a couple of wild ideas that I really loved and wanted to explore but unfortunately, they were discouraged by my professors. I should have known that every now and then, my instinct and gut feeling was right. I knew that someday, someone will share my same idea, and I can finally say “I told you so” to the teachers that told me no!  Well here it is: Dinning table against the wall.

Well if it works, why not?


I told you I'm not crazy *insert my conceptual sketching teacher's name here*



It just works!


Well that’s enough about me being right. Lets just see one more beautiful Dinning Room shall we?


Something about these white low back chairs that make this Dinning room set awesome!


Would you ever consider white dinning chairs? Are you afraid of the high maintenance level that these white chairs require ?

(All images are from



2 Comments to “Rules… what rules?”

  1. I like the last look.. sort of just makes the room so crisp.

  2. what rules?
    as long as it’s
    not harmful
    work on it

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