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September 12, 2010

Talk about muti-functional!

What do you think this is? an office yeah?

“Apply these folding bed constructions for your small living concept or your small apartment. Use the various color of the bed with the light of weight materials, this folded bed was unconscious for you. As the complete design with modern concept, this folding foam mattress and work space was give different atmosphere for your small house design. The combination of the desk work and the bed set, we can use the furniture in one space. The stylish design was show off from the construction and the details of the design. This small work space with folding bed combined the wood, steel, and soft fabric for the bed construction. Use the cheerful color, the set of the bed and the mattress was cover by the color and the folding design of the bed. Obviously the space saving approach was perfectly here. This simple folding bed ideas will attract you to get the relax space and the time to earn money in one living concept. The design and the color of the product were so amazing. Special design for the executive’s generation, this functional folding beds single by Bonbon was presented for you.” – Source

It is not just a desk!

It is also a bed!



September 12, 2010

Sunday Envy…

Every now and then I would get envious of the kids that have it all. Growing up with two younger sisters,  I  never had the opportunity to have my own room. I am not complaining that sharing a room with my two awesome sisters was a bad thing since it was great to have them around to keep me company at night (we had so much fun gossiping the night away) but our bedroom was unfortunately only a cramped ten by ten box with little space for unique characteristics. We attempted to personalize our space by adding a curtain here and there but nothing dramatic. We also had the chance to pick the style and color of our  bunk bed and the dresser but it was nothing in comparison to the bedrooms that I am about to show you! It is Sunday so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite kids room. Go parents!


I love how bright and fun this room is. The chandelier is such a nice touch!



This boy room is perfect with the wide stripe and bold color!



The headboard is such a wow factor!



Again this room is full of colors and awesome details!


I hope that’s enough eye candy for this week (though you can never get enough). Well, here comes Monday guys! have a blast!

(all images are from – click on images to take you right to the sources)

September 7, 2010

Spot light Tuesday!

May I introduce to you one of my fellow designer who I admire very much for her amazing and inspiring work? She is not only sweet and kind but also very talented. I had the pleasure of sharing numerous classes with her including a thesis class that we took together. With her help, I was able to improve tremendously. Here is the shout to Maki Fujii. You are simply amazing!


One render of her museum



A render of her artist's studio.


See more of her works at


September 7, 2010

Rules… what rules?

While I was still in school, I had a couple of wild ideas that I really loved and wanted to explore but unfortunately, they were discouraged by my professors. I should have known that every now and then, my instinct and gut feeling was right. I knew that someday, someone will share my same idea, and I can finally say “I told you so” to the teachers that told me no!  Well here it is: Dinning table against the wall.

Well if it works, why not?


I told you I'm not crazy *insert my conceptual sketching teacher's name here*



It just works!


Well that’s enough about me being right. Lets just see one more beautiful Dinning Room shall we?


Something about these white low back chairs that make this Dinning room set awesome!


Would you ever consider white dinning chairs? Are you afraid of the high maintenance level that these white chairs require ?

(All images are from


September 6, 2010

Laugh out loud for the holiday!


"Gary hated mornings when Elaine went to her early Zumba class, but at least it gave him the chance to reflect on his early sketches and pray to his lucky number"

September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day!

Look at what I got for you today. I’m excited to present to you my workstation/dinning table. When you have a small space, you can always make a space multi-functional to save room.  Remember the rectangular table with the two chairs you saw on the top right corner below?


Our a new Apartment unit


Look closer, does anything look familiar?


Do you see it yet?


Yes you are right! it’s the red chairs and dark brown shaker table.


Don't you love it? I do!


It’s a bonus that I have a nice open window next to my desk to bring in some natural lighting (especially in the morning!).


See the desktop? that's where I work.


Need a break down on where I got the decor from? Well, it’s coming soon! But until then, have a wonderful Labor Day!


September 5, 2010

Remember this?


Our a new Apartment unit


Do you see the living room space on the plan? Well, I can finally show you the living space because our sofa just arrived today! Although there are still some unfinished touches, it’s a great way to continuously show you guys more updates in the future! Here is our living room set.


Excuse my camera. I did the best I can considering the fact that I don't have a wide angle camera and our apartment is really small =)



Another view of the space.



Wished I could capture the floor to ceiling space with just one shot.


There are a few things missing such as wall arts and our glass coffee table that I have yet to purchase, but I do love the color scheme and of course our lovely rug! I don’t generally recommend having a rug on a carpeted floor but in our case, I just love how it really defines our living space! What do you think so far? Stay tune for more updates and pictures!


September 5, 2010

Something blue…

I have been looking for something borrowed and something blue for my wedding and stumbled upon these beautiful blue trays that would be perfect for my place. Tragically, I must resist them since the budget for the wedding alone is already tight so I can only admire them from afar for now. What are some items that are on your wish list that you would like to own someday?


Turquoise leather trays from Global Views in two sizes


Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


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