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August 30, 2010

Example 1

Part of the lobby bar area

As promised, an example of my rendering. This is part of my thesis. I will continue to practice and get better. Happy Monday!


August 29, 2010

Our little apartment is still incomplete due to the sofa that is yet to arrived. This Wednesday we can finally sit on our sofa although we both can’t really complain much since the floor has been really nice to lay on. I love our apartment more and more each day, and so does he. We love coming home to it and to each other. I love my office and kitchen and he loves his library and work station. It has such wonderful view and the most beautiful sunset ever! It is our little haven for comfort and joy… I can’t thank God enough for our happiness…

Another week starts tomorrow, hope for a great start and an awesome finish!

August 24, 2010

The best part of the day is coming home to you…. 

Happy 1day early Anniversary my world, my love, my life, my everything…

August 18, 2010

Simplify your life…

Since moving into our new apartment, there are many things that we would like to do in order to prevent future clutter. It is so easy to fall into the habit of hoarding and before you know it, the clutter usually gets out of hand. The best way to organize everything is to start getting into the habit of cleaning out your space. Moving in to a new place is probably a great start, but if you are not moving (like we are) you can skill begin your habit with a daily list of tasks. While it’s good to personalize your space, it is never good to keep things you don’t need and end up with no space to breathe.  The first thing to do before decorating your space is getting organized … Start today! Here is an article to help you get started!

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August 4, 2010

At last!

Moving is harder than I thought. I seriously hate it. But at last, we are done moving, only unpacking now. Unfortunately it took this long to set up our internet and so this blog has been neglected. Poor blog, must have been impatient. I know I am impatient and itching to update. Today’s update is short because I want to save the pictures for the next post. My camera is now out of battery and for the life of me, I cannot find the charger anywhere in all the boxes. Oh the joy of moving…

We are falling in love with our new place as the boxes start to clear up. I cannot say that our place is anywhere near done. The sofa is yet to come in, but slowly it will become more and more put together. I will take you on my shopping trip for accessories soon. The quest of finding the right items to add a personal touch to our home is on the way. Stay tune…