Color Splash!

Freshly picked from the trees today

No, I’m not talking about David on HGTV “Color Splash” (but I do loveeee him though)! I am actually talking about the quickest, easiest, cheapest, and healthiest way to bring some colors into your home. Ready for this? Fruits! Green apples, sweet oranges, yummy strawberries, or ripe bananas. Just place them in a glass bowl or vase and voila! you just instantly turned the color temperature up in your kitchen, living room or dinning room. On top of that, with the fruits laying around, it’ll encourage you to snack smartly. So bring some colors into your place this summer and head to the grocery store now!



2 Comments to “Color Splash!”

  1. Yes great idea, but….they dont last long since I won’t get to them all 😦

    • Maybe not for you, apples go quick around my house. You don’t have to use all real one. If you need some colors but want it to last longer, use limes or lemons in a cylinder vase

      thanks for the comment Romeo,

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