Moving in Date: August 1st!

Our new Apartment unit

So it is official! We are moving in the first of August. Above is a rough furniture layout I have created for our new space. I think it works well. Soon enough you will see a break down ‘material board’ for each room. I can hardly contain my excitement. I am ready to make some serious furniture investments. Lets break down the similarity and differences between our two spaces.

-One bedroom
-Generous closet space
-No distinct Kitchen, Dining, Office, and Living Area
-Window view = dead ends and brick wall
-Near the Lake/Beach/Park
-5 story building with cramp work out space
-Free cable and Internet
-No roof top balcony
-20 Minutes to Downtown
-15 Minutes walk to train
-20 Minutes bus ride to grocery store
-awesome night life

New Place:
-one bedroom
-generous closet space
-distinct Kitchen, Dining, Office, and Living Area
-amazing unobstructed city view/sun set is amazing
-near the Lake/Beach/Park
-13 floor highrise (we will be on the 11th)
-wi-fi accessible zones
-cheaper rent
-35 Minutes to Downtown (so a bit farther)
-3 Minutes walk to train (can’t beat that – nor the express bus that stop in front of the building)
– few step to a super grocery store (awesome!!!)
-plenty of restaurants and cafes

I think we traded up. What do you think?


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2 Comments to “Moving in Date: August 1st!”

  1. wow, the rough layout makes me excited. i dont know why. kinda makes me wanna start doing sketches for fun but i haven’t a clue where to start. i’ll leave it to the pros. goodluck moving in. i wish for the best.

    • I’m glad you like it =) you should sketch! I would love to see any of your sketches… I cannot wait to pull this space together! keep on reading and thanks for always commenting on my blog!

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