When will it be me?

I’m talking about getting that job that I really wanted!
For now I will continues being proactive! fighting!!

In the mean time I’m working on my project call ‘city living’
How to design for a small rental space in the city?
How to make it works!
The journal started here http://www.dailyinteriors.wordpress.com

I need an editor (little sister, if you are reading this hint hint)

have a good weekend!


4 Comments to “When will it be me?”

  1. @SilLyliLthAnG – the one you subscribe you is actually the blog for all 4 designers… my personal blog which is more residential is on this post!  actually.. the dailyinteriors one =) i actually invited you on fb for that link so check it out… but if you have any questions you can always ask me I’m always glad to help a friend =)

  2. design blog? oh just kidding.  it’s in the other entry. i want to see your porfolio and work.  Le is buying a place and i want to look for an interior designer or ideas.  that’s a little ways down the road though once paperwork is confirmed.  i am checking it out on facebook.  =)

  3. interior designer commercial and residential.. hope you support my design blog as well =) 

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