Our current apartment floorplan

For two years while still in school, I have been okay with living in a tiny one bedroom apartment.  Part of the reason is because Lincoln Park is such a wonderful neighborhood. The night life here is unbeatable. There are so many restaurants, parks, and the beaches (actually it is huge Lake but can’t complain there.) Now that school is over and we are getting marry we need an upgrade that won’t cost us more than we already have paid. For the last month both of us have been actively looking for a place that we can see ourselves living for the next 3 years or so- a space that we can have guests over without shame- a space that we can call home. We are happy to say we are on the right track and is getting closer to our dream place. But for now let me explain the picture above.

It is a representation of our small space that we are currently in right now (not exact measurements nor furniture pieces but quite close). There definitely many challenges we have to face living there. While we love the size of our bedroom and the closet space, there isn’t much more we can work with the space. Our furnitures are all temporary so it’s not much of a space we can say we are proud of. I tried to make it work as much as possible (thank God I know a little about space planning ^-^) It is definitely tough to have no counter space what so ever. I can’t even say that we have a kitchen at all because it is actually Kitchen, Dinning, Living, and Office all in one. I enjoy cooking very much and this current kitchen (or lack there of) is no way for a self-proclaim chef like me to create any masterpiece in.

We have enough windows in the apartment to let lights in however, the view is an ally or a brick wall (oh so very inspiring.) When I was still in school, working at home was a huge problem due to the oh so awesome view of  dead ends and brick walls in front of me.

Our least end at the end of July and we are thrill as well as excited to start packing. Follow me during this so exciting time of labeling boxes and hauling to my next destination. Keep reading for update on the next apartment floor plan and what I have in mind for it. I’ll leave you now with the awesome pictures of our current space. Trust me I did my best!

What do you think?


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