The Name…Game.

the simplicity of grey

I figure I owe you some kind of clarification on how my blog name came about. Why did I choose ‘daily interiors?’ Well not only because ‘city interiors’ was taken,  but it is also because my goal is to be able to write daily on this blog about my interior design journey. I love writing although it is not exactly easy for me, for English is my second language. I started writing since I was a child, first in Vietnamese and later in English. Poetry and short stories were once my favorite type of writing until I came to America that is. The love to express myself on blogs had helped me overcame my fear of writing esp. in a newly acquired language. I still have a lot to learn and I hope to improve each day as I continue to write.

Each day I will tell you a little bit more about myself (time to get personal huh?).  In addition to what I have already told you above (and in the ‘about’ section) I want to also let you know that I am crazy about grey right now. (I bet you didn’t see that coming) ^-^ My favorite gray combination at the moment is blush pink and grey! (hence that is also my wedding colors) lol.



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