Wedding Part 3 – guest list

Tackling the guest list today and I am overwhelmed!
To help me figure this out I am using Google document for brides.
THAT helps a lot!
To further the process and making it easier for me..
I divided the people into categories…
First, the married friends/older cuzins
Second, the friends with relationship because…
(most likely they will bring their SO)
3rdly, the friends that part of a group & single
(such as my friends from Canada that travel together
or the sisters’ friendsss)
Next, the closest kin and their families
(such as my aunts and uncles and little cuzins)
Then of course the Elders!
(this I needed my parents help)
Finally the friends of the family
(such as my parents/his parents best friends… neighbors.. extended families… choir.. church personnels… this also from our parents… not me)

From this process I have what I call a decent list (not yet finalized.. what do I learn from it???? I DID NOT realized how many of them I DON’T know their LAST NAMES??? wowzer what a shocker.

After this list I will see where I stand at the guest list and the process of making sure I have budget enough for them…aniways for those brides out there that wants a great tool to help you stay organize.. check out this link below




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