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May 21, 2010


Vietnamese Grilled Lemon-grass Pork-chop (Suon Nuong Xa) tonight! it was delicious … 
Again I need food to forgot what a crappy world it is out there!


May 20, 2010

Food 1

With everything going wrong lately I turn to something that will surely cheer me up. FOOD! so what’s for dinner tonight? Cari Ga and Banh Mi of course! Totally comfort food. I hope things will get better and I will hear more good news than bad for once. Things are looking better after a big bowl of cari ga though! hehe… hope you enjoy your night!



Next up… Suon Nuong Xa

May 13, 2010

Career Day 3


I finished updating my portfolio yesterday night. I am happy with it (for now) and have sent it to C. Design personnel that have been helping me. I will now finishing up my resume and cover letter. Last night I had trouble sleeping, this is esp. rare since I can almost always fall asleep anytime anywhere. Things were flashing in my head- relationship, career, friendship, family… etc. When Life doesn’t take it time to let you breath, moments like last night were rare. I had a chance to really analyze everything that has been happening over these past years. There are still so many unanswered questions, but I feel better knowing that I am no longer scare of what’s ahead. Really, I am not afraid – no use to be afraid. Throughout my life I often feel that people like to take advantage of me but will that change the way I will behave in the future? I won’t grow bitter nor stop being who I am even if it seems my honesty and integrity is always being taken advantage of. I believe one of these day someone will noticed and someone will appreciates who I am and that is where I will be and will fit in. 

  In the next few weeks I will see if all of my hard works will all be worth it. There are so much I need to take care of esp. now what the economy seems to show no mercy to students. All of the banks are no longer accepting private loans consolidation. I just have to stay on top of this problem even if it means I will be on a strict budget from now on. We are thinking of moving to a cheaper neighborhood until both of us can have our financial issues under control. I barely have time to celebrate my success when once again have to deal with what to come. Faith keeps me going. Thank you everyone that are part of my life and continues to support me in spirits.


May 11, 2010

Life Randomness 3

“In the name of Love 
I give you my all 
And whatever it takes 
I’ll give the more

By our love 
I’ll give you the best 
one can ever give in love,
guess what ..My heart.
for am sure we both compart.

It is good to be in love 
With one like you 
But what we give makes true
So for now and ever.
I give you my heart.”

May 11, 2010

Life Randomness 2

I was walking along a country road one calm and cloudy day
Feeling down about the problems that had seemed to come my way
My pain was very great and my tears I could not hide
And was calling God to help me as I was hurting deep inside

I then thought about what I’ve believed and how I’ve rarely called
For sometimes I have wondered if God were there at all
As I lifted up my head and looked down that road a spell
I spotted someone coming – from the distance hard to tell

As he got a little closer I could then see all the signs
Of someone who’d been down that road quite a number of times
His clothes were old and dusty and his shoes were pretty worn
But there seemed a glow about him – at least I could have sworn

His face appeared real friendly as he peered up in the sky
He said, the weather is pretty calm today, hope the rain will pass us by
He first talked about the weather, but there seemed to be much more
That we both had in common, except for what we wore

He started talking about his life and the places he had been
And he spoke as if he knew me, like we were next-of-kin
From the problems that he had, to the happy times he found
Our likeness was uncanny and was becoming more profound

We had so much in common – I couldn’t believe how much alike,
That I decided to tag along, we continued on our hike
He said he’s from all over and his name was just like mine,
And hoped one day that we would meet as he had a real short time

I was feeling sort of baffled, as we went on with our walk
But he had held my interest, so I listened as he talked
He said, I know you’re hurting – as your life has been so hard
But it seems today that you found God, where once you’d disregard

From the point that I was calling and was asking for God’s hand,
Is the point where he had first appeared, as this was in God’s plan
He said to take more time for prayer – that I could bend God’s ear
That He is always listening, and He is always near

God knows about my struggles but better times will be ahead,
As long as I keep believing and will no longer be mislead.
We then turned onto a sidewalk and now very close to home,
And it was then it struck me that I was suddenly now alone.

This stopped me in my tracks and I began to call his name
And it was then I understood, why to me that day he came.
I then realized God had heard me, as my Angel He then sent
To relieve me of my worries, and all my discontent.

May 11, 2010

Life Randomness 1

“Sometimes I feel so alone
Other times I feel I have the world
Emotions can be a tricky thing
One minute they make us feel we love
Next minute they make us think we hate
Are emotions feelings or thoughts”

May 11, 2010

Career Day 2

Good news, 
I have a guardian angel I would like to call auntie
She’s the best for looking out for me

One of my aunt many clients is head of an architecture firm
and I have submitted my resume to her

She called me Sunday and promise to do her best to get me hired at one of the offices.
The least she can do she says “ guarantee you and interview…” 

How exciting… in the mean time I still need to find a JOB to get by (suckie part)
Tomorrow is all about working on that portfolio. 

Dear God, please let me make it… I thank you!


May 7, 2010

Career Day 1

Now that I have graduated it is time to update my resume and portfolio.

What is next on the agenda?
Create a design blog
Create a portfolio online
Interviews and lots of interviews

Consolidate all of my loans and start paying! 
Save save save! if I can =(
So many expenses blah!

Never be afraid just do it! 

May 6, 2010

Wedding Part 3 – guest list

Tackling the guest list today and I am overwhelmed!
To help me figure this out I am using Google document for brides.
THAT helps a lot!
To further the process and making it easier for me..
I divided the people into categories…
First, the married friends/older cuzins
Second, the friends with relationship because…
(most likely they will bring their SO)
3rdly, the friends that part of a group & single
(such as my friends from Canada that travel together
or the sisters’ friendsss)
Next, the closest kin and their families
(such as my aunts and uncles and little cuzins)
Then of course the Elders!
(this I needed my parents help)
Finally the friends of the family
(such as my parents/his parents best friends… neighbors.. extended families… choir.. church personnels… this also from our parents… not me)

From this process I have what I call a decent list (not yet finalized.. what do I learn from it???? I DID NOT realized how many of them I DON’T know their LAST NAMES??? wowzer what a shocker.

After this list I will see where I stand at the guest list and the process of making sure I have budget enough for them…aniways for those brides out there that wants a great tool to help you stay organize.. check out this link below