Forgive me…

I have neglected you Xanga, but now I’m back and I have great news!
First of all… I did my final presentation today. After countless hours of staring at the computer until my eyes popped out, I have completed my Thesis. It was many sleepless nights – eating crappy food – cussing at how slow 3Dmax render my perspectives I’m finally done! So graduation is May 1st – wow, I’m finally having a real break from school after endless schooling. Second thing is…. I can finally do some real damage on the wedding planning stuff that has been push aside for school. Thirdly, my intern probably will hire me? if not I have great interview line up and I have got the connection =) Finally?? I have found our wedding photographer! We will be taking Engagement Pictures in August – I AM EXCITED.

To top that, I’m starting a design blog soon with 2 of my classmates. They are excellent designers if not the best I have seen so far! There are so many things I can’t wait to start on… I hope to write more also. This does not mean I will have more free time… I just have enough time to organize my life once again. How have you been?


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