A big lost… need prayers

My grandpa past away last night unexpectedly.. I am still in shock..
when i finally accept his death I couldn’t stop crying. How I miss him,
his voice, his humor. We have always been close. I’m his oldest
grandchild and he had been waiting for my wedding and was so excited
that finally found the man that makes me happy. He and FI were close
too, so FI also quite heartbroken. I just can’t believe that he’s
gone and will never see me walk down the aisle now. I know he’s in a
better place and is watching over us and he will be with us on our
wedding no matter what… I just want to say I miss him terribly.. you
will never be forgotten Ong Ngoai (Grandpa). We all miss and love you!

Please pray for linh hon Anre mau ve voi Chua.


One Comment to “A big lost… need prayers”

  1. I wish i could’ve gotten to know my grandparents. Being stuck here with school and work, I could never go visit vietnam. I’ve only been once :[

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