On relationship…

It is hard to believe it has been almost 3 years since Me+You = Us. You might think that my outburst the other day was humorous but I sure did not. when I exclaimed “Wow 3 years, I have never been with anyone that long…” I really mean it. 3 years is a long time for me to be with anyone. For a long time, it has been 3 months grace period for me… either I break it or the other party did. With you, time has flown by… We rarely celebrate our anniversary because we rarely need a special occasion to show each other that we love each other. Everyday is a lesson, and from each, we continue to learn together. The hardest part of my morning is leaving the warm bed and your warm body next to mine. The best part of the day is coming home to you. A random text from you still warm my heart, and a smile from you still make my heart skip a beat. I just want to say, after all of this time… you are still the one who make me whole. I pray only for your good health so you can stay with me for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the best Valentines Day ever. Te amo!


One Comment to “On relationship…”

  1. tears tears omo! so sweet ❤

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