OMGosh… Oh My..

Can life get any more busy? I don’t have time to catch my breath. First off I am back in Chicago since beginning of this week. My weeks of mom’s cooking, late night games with the sibs, sleep-in mornings, and total relaxation was overrrrrrr and since I got back… life is back at full speed (maybe even faster).

First off our train was delayed for over 3 hours making us hungry, grouchy, and totally sleepless (not to mention I looked like a mess!) when we arrived in Chicago. We were three hours behind schedule so already things were rushed! We had our late late lunch at IHOP since he wanted breakfast food and I wanted my steak!! good thing we were able to compromise since we both know I’m a grouchy woman when I’m hungry! We stopped by the grocery store (how did I find the clue) for fresh fruits and lots of goody to cook that night (again I must be a super woman.. should get points for this).

We arrived home to find our house messy as we left it in a rush when my semester ended. Not only that, the house was freezing… After unloading all of our groceries we got a drink and caught our breath before tackling our closets. You see, either the train ride must have done something to our heads or because we no longer have any room in the closets for our newly acquired clothing that we decide right then we need a “serpent” cleaning. Perhaps it helps that both of us can not stand a messy house because tired and exhausted as we were, cleaned we did! If only it was smooth like that because as soon as we were cleaning, our friends called and because we have promised to go out at least once before one of my friend left to another State we had to stop everything and met up with them.

It was fun until we got home again and saw our unfinished works… but I have to cook food for the next day so I proceed on making Pho. If you haven’t guessed by now it was all I could do because it was already 1:00 am by the time I was finished and so we went to bed preparing for another long day of more re-organizing and cleaning.

The second day was no better… “Spring Cleaning” as we called it took all day. We did have fun doing that together though, it was like a cleaning “date”. That pretty much was all the “free” time I had left because work started Wednesday. Due to my “spoil” schedule in Buffalo, I didn’t get any sleep Tuesday night and found myself fumble around at 4:30 am the next day for my work clothing while desperately wished that I could lay on that bed all day instead. So work started Wed and didn’t end until today …. All week has been a blurrrrrrrrr……

this entry is getting too long… I want to write more… butttt lets end here and I’ll start a new entry soon on my exciting Thursday night…


One Comment to “OMGosh… Oh My..”

  1. jeez louise! take care of yourself! miss and love ya!

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