the year 2009

A year is ending. So many mistakes this year. I barely made it but a New Year will soon begin, so it’s time to restart, refresh, and recreate. What will 2010 brings? First and foremost, my graduation. It is truly bittersweet as I registered for my last 3 classes. Before me lay uncertainties. I don’t know what post graduation will bring but lets be optimistic shall we? My future plan includes working for an architecture firm in Chicago or in New York for two years, take my NCIDQ test to get my legal Interior Design Certificate then work for myself. 2010 will be a lot of plannings. This is the summary time line for 2010.

January – April  >> Working on my thesis and internship. Work on my portfolio, website, and design blog.

May >> Graduation – start working

June >> Friend’s wedding

June – July >> plan for the our engagement ceremony in NY

August >> Our Engagement

Sept – December >> Work, save, save, save + planning our Wedding

Looking forward to make a lot of money to finally tie the knot with my wonderful man ^-^
Must work hard for our future family ^-^


3 Comments to “the year 2009”

  1. @SHMILYbaby – YayH!  im gonna be waiting!  good luck on your thesis… wow, look at you…. you should be proud.=)-t

  2. @SilLyliLthAnG – it is true.. he asked.. I said yes… now all we need is to make it official with our families… the formality and stuff… I’ll share and keep you update don’t worry.. I hardly can contain my excitements.. but first and foremost I do have to concentrate on school  =) Thanks for your congrats =) as for my graduation.. I’ll have my website up and running…so you can see my works. I’m excited about my Thesis so stay tune =) although I am more of a commercial interior designer than residential.. but if you ever need any advice on making an interior functional as well as aesthetically pleasing…let me know ;D… 

  3. oh my gosh! you’re gonna get ENGAGED?!  i am so happy for you!  I’d love for you to share your thoughts and feelings on it as much as possible on this- considering you’ll be so busy and all… yeah?Congratulations on graduating next year.  Interior Designing?  wow… at one point i considered that… Also, i was helping a friend look for a home yesterday.  I brought up the topic about having an interior designer… maybe we’ll fly you in?… maybe?lol!i am so happy for you.Wishing you a wonderful, wonderful New Year!-t

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