I’m beyond stress…

… and it shows.. on my FACE! such a huge pimple and it hurts!! Oh man the trouble of group works… who invented group works anyways?? someone always slack and someone always do all of the work! I want to be the one who does nothing! there i said it lolz… anyways all jokes aside, I am really worn out… physically and mentally. I don’t think there is enough time in the day to do everything and rest too… I think I am getting sick.. I hope not..

My partners are wasting my time… my energy and my sanity….. there I said it!!! you guys are loserrrrr and I hate you guys… and NO I didn’t mean that, but sometimes I rather work alone.. at least I’m in complete control.. win or lose.. it’s all me… but life is all about group work… sigh

beside all of that.. we’re running out of money…
life is life. Period.

so exhausted- i said that already didn’t i.. what to do?? rest and say screw it… or work til I get sick and lay in bed for the rest of the year?? haha.. if only it’s that simple…

okay.. i’ll rest for half an hour.. maybe close my eyes too…Alright!  you have convinced me…


3 Comments to “I’m beyond stress…”

  1. hope ya smile and group work is blah, feel better tc….

  2. wow.i can feel the stress just reading ur entry.  i’ve been going through mad breakouts too.sleep helps.just screw it for the night and sleep, sleep, sleep.take it easy. count to ten. you’ll be fine. it’ll get done.yeah?-tp.s.  i hate group work, too.

  3. GO GET SOME REST NOW! STOP OVERWORKING YOURSELF! you’re starting to worry me….you work too hard…plus, group work sucks! i totally agree..i work SO much better by myself :)chi hai, hang in there…i’m sure it’ll pick up soon! i wanted to call you to talk and see how you were yesterday but I had a hugeee test the next day so I couldn’t…we should talk soon? 

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