A life lesson found over a cup of tea and general meeting…

I went to my work meeting today, and I have to say, I came home with more than expected. Lately I have been thinking a lot about this world. I found myself hating this world more and more for its injustices, unfairness, and dramas. I have to admit that I have been losing hope. I wonder why I work this hard for, in the end it will go unrewarded or more specifically unnoticed and unappreciated. Since then although I haven’t really stop working hard, I have stop working at the best of my ability. Given that I do not want to move up in position because I have school, so I did not work as hard as I can be to stand out. However, I found myself becoming a routine, or almost… resentful? I do not love my job and found the work place to be unbearable. The people that I work with I no longer can trust nor communicate to. I feel myself being rob of my generosity, I feel myself being taken advantage of. I felt like no matter how hard  I work, all of them went unnoticed. I feel like my honesty and authenticity is being tested everyday. I feel … a lot of things… and you know what??? I finally realized why I am unhappy at work, and why I feel what I feel…. I forgot to appreciate what I’ve got, I forgot how to be grateful, I forgot that I am the lucky few who even has a job…. in another word… I turn into a complainer… complain nonstop… I have turn into someone very selfish… think about myself only….

What I am trying to say is… my complaining days are over. I, Phuong Kathy Nguyen, is very blessed with a job, a family, and fortunate enough to still be in school. There are so many more people out there that work 10 times harder than I am for less paying job than this.. When did I turn into one of those?? I, from this day forward will work as hard as I can in everything, to so the world that I am not defeated, that I BELIEVE in hard works, I BELIEVE in the good of this world… and I will fight for what’s good in this world… I am not alone and I am not a complainer!!!…… I thank GOD everyday for giving me this opportunity to work as hard as I can because I have both arms, and legs, healthy body, and a working mind… For this I am blessed, it’s time I give back to the world, instead of asking what it can do for me…

The meeting was 3 hours long, but this 3 hours have finally wake me up… I encourage everyone in my shoe to try it out… work as hard as you can no matter what, even if it seem unnoticed or unappreciated… you will feel much better about yourself because you give back… because guess what?? nothing is going unnoticed because GOD is always watching!…


3 Comments to “A life lesson found over a cup of tea and general meeting…”

  1. If there was a like button, I really like this!! Aja Aja Fighting~!

  2. yay chi hai you are awesome! I’ll believe with you =D

  3. omggg…that’s amazing chi hai..you’re my hero…i love you! you’re such a strong person…keep fighting! love you always!!!!!!

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