A few pictures showing my birthday weekend =)


We carved pumpkins and this is mine… I love it!


Maki made me cheesecake from scratch. It was absolutely delicious!


Aren’t we talented?  Maki’s bat came out very nice too.


These girls are very special to me.. Maki, Julie, Elizabeth, and Allyson…
Thanks girls for making my birthday sooo very special<3


We had some fun at the park showing our friends around Chicago


We love silly pictures with the reflected bean =)


I asked for a serious picture… he gave me this.. gotta love my Xa..


I can spend all day walking under these beautiful trees.. I love Autumn


The beautiful season seem to bring out nothing but love…
My friend and her husband taking in the beautiful park way.. as I stalk them
with my camera ❤


My birthday spent with people that love me is a lot more than I can ask for…


I love the city… and the gifts it brings .. I am glad that I had that chance to just walk and explore ❤


We work up and appretite walking all day long.. Yes we are ready for our Chicago deep dish pizzas!


We end the night with a romantic dinner in a Colombian restaurant listening to live musics


I’ll leave you with something you can drool over =)…

Thank you so much for making my weekend so very amazing… I love every minute of it…till next time..have a wonderful week ahead!


3 Comments to “A few pictures showing my birthday weekend =)”

  1. damn wtf. this post only got 4 eprops ? whats wrong with these xangans.. look at them food. you should get like mad eprops.

  2. you are gorgeous. YAY! that means I’ll be pretty too at 26!!! hehehe

  3. wow!  your city is so pretty!! and your pumpkin is so awesome!  we’re carving ours later this week  =)so where’s ur city?  i love the autumn foliage and i wanna visit!-t

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