We usually go grocery shopping together, but due to such hectic schedule I went alone tonight… I forgot that there is only ONE me… home is a good 15 minutes bus ride away, and of course… a good 5, 10 minutes walking from the bus stop. I always get sooo carry away at the grocery and like always, my cart kept on getting fuller and fuller… Oh boy did I need him…. bags after bags full of meats, can stuff… etc… before I know it, it was $121 worth of grocery and only one me… with 8-10 heavy bags…. I wondered how on earth will I make it home =(… amazingly I did it all by myself.. (struggling of course). I think my arms fell off somewhere between trying to open both locked front door…. pressing the elevator buttons and getting inside my cramp apt. door…. ahh.. can’t feel my arms anymore… I have never taken for granted that I have always have him to carry my heavy stuff for me…. but after today… I appreciate him even more…. that’s why we girls need men in our lives…. =P̃́

on another note.. what shall I cook tonight…. start with cải xào thịt bò.. chicken wing drumblet kho xả… some italian salad with fresh mozarella cheese, grape tomatoes, basils, and virgin olive oil..etc…. have a glass of wine or 2… haha.. for dinner then watch a nice movie and call it a night =P yay for FRIDAY!!!


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  1. @SilLyliLthAnG – sorry i took so long to reply… been pretty busy… the first step in learning how to cook is actually wanting to cook. once you want to cook then you will want to learn as much as you can and will figure things out enventually. second thing is recognizing each item and how they taste by themselves.. then with others… start with the basic (things that you know that will taste really good with each other)… figure out if you want to make something spicy? sweet? sour? salty? what do you feel like?? i.e. pineapple and tomatoes combination will give you that sweet and sour taste.. honey and ginger will give you that sweet and spicy taste… etc.. if you really want to learn how to cook.. i can teach you a lil thing or two… =)

  2. ahhaha, so cute!you forgot how to be an independent girl!when I had a man, I STILL carried all the stuff. SAD RIGHT? hahaha

  3. i wish i knew how to cook…what’s the first step in learning how to cook?-t

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