I had so much fun so far this week. Worked a lot then I had a nice break mid week. Took a relaxing train ride out to the burb to join up with the only other ex-Buffalonian I know here in Chicago, my friend Lan Chi. We had a date to go see American Idol Concert Live that night. The last time I went was with our choir in New Orleans. That was so long ago. Although I did not follow this season but I am always eager to go “anywhere” atleast once before school start again you know. After picking me up at the station we headed home and I got a chance to get to know her 8months old daughter… she was so chubby and so adorable… but she’s def a character. I haven’t been around kids, let alone babies lately so I was super nervous. She won my heart but whenever she cried I panick and ran to her Mom. My friend laugh at my panic state haha… So a day of getting a taste of life with a baby (maybe some day but not soon for me..I like to have a lil more time for myself first). I watched her while her Mom cooks for us and boy after holding her my arms sure were tired… it didn’t help that she cry when I put her down. It all worth it to see her smile though… so precious! So we drop our baby off to baby sitter and off to the concert… boy there were so many people.. the arena was packed..and it was a bigggg arean too.. so rowdy and exciting. I have to say….. I came in didnt expect much… and boy was I wrong… The crowd was amazing.. so lively and full of excitements and anticipation… the roar of cheers, claps everything was beyond! it was by far the best concert I have been to… I get to hear so many styles and different people sang.. and the stage was awesome… lighting and graphic just perfects… I enjoyed it so muchhh… way beyond what I thought I was…. Can’t tell you how much I love it… it was a perfect night.  Leaving the arena was def a problem though… lucky we got out early and just in time… GREAT TIME…!!! I am content!


One Comment to “WOW”

  1. yay! i’m so happy you had fun! (lord knows you deserve some fun after working so hard!); ahah the baby sounds ADORABLE! 

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