April 2010

Can’t wait for that day to come.. I will be done with school for good. I hope that will open another door for me. Can’t wait to start another chapter of my life. Right now I am quite happy.. even though financially we are in a hole still.

On a lighter note.. I have been cooking so much and I love it.. the house smell amazing.. and I always have good food to eat!!.. So the menu is.. tôm rim, canh mồng tơi với tôm, phở gà, tomrrow will be rau muống xào tỏi, clay pot gà, the next day will be canh bí với tôm, thịt heo kho, next day after that will be cà ri gà, canh khoai… yeah.. can you tell I went crazy at the Viet gocery store?? hehe. I love cooking for him and for myself.. I love home cook meal.. reminds of me the days of my childhood..

that’s it for today… signing off til next time~


2 Comments to “April 2010”

  1. teach me how to cook, or the recipes… pleaseee!  jk.=Dim good at burning the kitchen down.-t

  2. yummmm! FEEED me too!! tehehes sounds so good

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