It really bothers me that people call themselves Catholics when they announced to the whole world that they don’t practice it nor follow any rules..

People, just so you know, once you decide not to practice or not believe/follow Catholicism, you are no longer a Catholic.. Don’t go and say “I AM Catholic, but I don’t practice it and I won’t marry in church, I do what I want” instead you should say “I WAS born/raised as Catholic, and NO LONGER one because I don’t believe nor practice it, therefore I can do whatever I want”…


Just get it right please… sorry for the vent.. I just get so bothered!!!


4 Comments to “VENT!”

  1. @SilLyliLthAnG – you put it into words better than I can… thanks sweetie<3

  2. i concur with this blog.some people may choose to not follow it, if they choose not to follow it, dont claim it.  if you dont agree with the practices of catholicism, then you’re not Catholic butare instead, a believer in Christ.  also, i dont like people bringing up arguments about priests molesting children. it’s such a weak, biased argument.  there are going to be bad people in all groups and areas- no matter what.  that shouldn’t let us prejudge and label the rest of them bad.  a few bad asians shouldn’t be used by other race to label all asians bad, should it?i hope all’s been good for everyone.  God bless you all and have a good weekend.-t

  3. I don’t know if I really agree with this vent.  What do you call practicing?  Doing everything the Church wants us to do?Priests who molested boys, what do we call them?  I think it’s all just merely talk and in a sense labeling.  We all sin, we all have our reasons to not follow the Church and it’s teachings sometimes.  But I think just believing in the core of Catholicism makes you catholic.  Certainly there are many things I don’t agree with the Church.  But in the end, nobody has a magic wand to judge who is and who isn’t right?  I understand the vent, but not sure if I agree.  =P  Good day!

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