Some days are better than others….

Why is it so hard to achieve balance? one moment I feel like I am on top of the world, and the next I feel like I am all alone.

So today mark the final 4 weeks of school. I have to pick up my pace. The house is messy and I don’t like it. I am itching to have everything in order again. Clean clothes, clean house, and good food. I think I will go to karaoke tonight. That would help me relax a bit.. (plus 20cents wings) can’t pass that up… yeah! Another day … just so very ordinary..hope it gets better!


One Comment to “Some days are better than others….”

  1. everything that goes down goes back up! it’s okay, i was on cloud nine like yesterday but then today it went down to a cloud 1! lol but whatever, i just let it go and focused on the present and tomorrow teheeeesshave fun!!! i love you!

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