Dear World…

I got back from Iowa a day ago and is super tired. I finally uploaded most of the pictures and now I will just recap real quick on here. 4th of July has been quite a holiday for us. Our first 4th of July together was unforgettable. It was raining all day and so we were under the umbrella the whole time. That was also the first time I went to visit him in New York. It was about 8 hours drive and I remember being exhausted as well. This 4th of July it is again a road trip. I again drove for 8 hours, but this time to Iowa for a friend’s wedding. This time at least I didn’t drive by myself. We had so much fun traveling with our friends. I am exhausted but I love driving, so go figure. We stayed at a big Resort in the middle of no where.. lucky the reception is right there so we didn’t have to drive around much. We had a lake, and an indoor water park which is more than amazing. It was great to get away and forget about reality for a bit. It was definitely too short. Here are some pictures of then and now.. see how far we have come along.

P.S. forgive my lovely dovey posts lately.. it just that he really makes me happy of late.. I coudn’t ask for more..

JULY 4, 2007

JULY 4, 2009


One Comment to “Dear World…”

  1. you two are so cute & lovely together.  that’s a nice color blue on you, too.  i’m glad you had a fun weekend.=)-trinity

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