Dear World..

I had a good scare yesterday when the floor below me was burning and there were so much smoke. Due to that I had barely 2 hours of sleep and was half asleep this morning on the bus coming to work and almost pass my stop. All thanks to my “wonderful” downstair neighbor who decided to cook something at 2:00 a.m. and stepped out for a smoke and didn’t come back 20 min. later. I was afraid to fall asleep with all of the smoke in my apartment because I might inhale in my sleep and sufficate to death. People! please attend to your food if you are cooking… esp. pass midnight.. when most people are in bed! so “thoughtful” huh?


One Comment to “Dear World..”

  1. i’m so glad you are, i had a house burning experience once.  haha it was our fault.  take care of yourself, hun!-tuyen

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