How long ago was it?

There were some websites that I used to visit daily when I was younger (16). Those are the days when I day dream about my future. What will the ideal man be.. how will he look.. how will we meet.. how will we fall in love. And along with these day dreams… I wrote numerous poems.. story (most are in Vietnamese). Today I happened to re-read some of them and realize how fast time flies… those words still affect me greatly.. I can still see my younger self through those words.. feel those feelings again… How long as it been since I stop visiting those sites?? stop writing?? stop day dreaming?? I visit them again today, and read some poems… seeing these love, hurt, innocence, in young boys and girls and I couldn’t help but thinking about my life back then when I was their age, feeling what they feel.. start to love, fall hard, hurt, betray and saw courage, determination, maturity all of that… in a way I recognize how magical life is.. and it is very very worth living.. Maybe during that time I thought I had a bad life, but looking back I had a damn good life, … so right now.. if I think my life is hard… maybe, just maybe 10 years from now.. looking back.. I’ll say once again “I had a damn good life during my 20’s” you know??

Bài Thơ Tình Lãng Mạn

Hãy cứ đọc những thơ tình lãng mạn
Để mộng mơ một thuở đẹp thanh xuân
Để đuổi theo những ước vọng trong ngần
Thời tuổi trẻ dạt dào theo sóng nước

Mái tóc huyền hay là đôi mắt ướt
Buổi mai hồng hay trưa nắng, chiều mưa
Dưới lùm cây, trên đồng lúa, gốc dừa
Những điểm hẹn thời học trò, đôi lứa

Hãy cứ đọc để giữ hoài ngọn lửa
Của tình yêu say đắm buổi ban đầu
Để thời gian không nhạt lụi tình nhau
Mà thêm đậm, thêm đắm say mãi mãi

Đầu sương điểm đọc thơ tình chớ ngại
Tình yêu thương mãi tồn tại muôn năm
Khi tỏa lan, khi nhoé lửa, cháy ngầm
Đốt lửa trại đọc thơ tình lãng mạn.

Underneath all of this.. I am, afterall these time.. still a overly, hopelessly romantic at heart…it is just bury deep down most of the time =)




4 Comments to “How long ago was it?”

  1. Con gái… đó mới bùn như vậy

  2. you’re such a lovable, romantic girl.  it’s a cute trait.  i wish i could write poetries in Vietnamese.  I can read and somewhat write, but I dont know enough vocabs to create beautiful poetries.  Keep writing.nice to see you’re still blogging..=)-Tuyen

  3. có cần làm một bài thơ ác thê trong xang cua Hiếu kg vậy Phương? éc wá…..

  4. oooo! you’re so true..I’m going to start thinking like that too! i should be happy about my current state b/c who knows what the future brings? might as well enjoy and appreciate the now ehhe

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