I want you Always…. With me

Share in my life…. My hopes,

Laughter and Tears,

Every smile and any sorrow…

I want you Always…

To be a part of,

Every Today, Every Tomorrow…

I want you Always…. In all my dreams…

A part of every fantasy…

I want you Always To love and live with,

To awaken beside each new day

We will share together…

I want Always… To see your sweet smile,

Hear your laughter,

Listen to the soft sound of you sleeping beside me…

I want to Always…. Give all the happiness

You so rightly deserve….

Bring you every joy within my reach…

I will Always….

Be your best friend, your confidant…

The one who shares in all you do…

Through the good and the bad,

I will stand by you…

I promise to Always. Give you all the love,

That fills my heart….

Give you all the passion,

That fills our nights…

To grant you’re every want,

Every need any wish….

Today, Tomorrow

And Always…

To: you
From:  me


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