Me, lai sap den ngay cua Me roi. Con o xa nha nhung van nho de Me nhieu. Con khong biet tu luc nao nhung cang lon con cang cam thay gan Me nhieu hon. Co le vi khi lon len, cuoc song cang ngay cang nhieu song gio va vi vay con cam thay Me cua con that la dung cam, that la dam dang. Me noi ddung, khi con nho thi luc nao cung dduoc Me cho che, bay gio lon khon roi, ra ngoai doi roi, con moi hieu long Me bao la nhu the nao. Bay gio con da ngoai tam tay Me, du co muon di nua Me cung khong the nao bao ve con nua. Con chi muon nhan dip Ngay Cua Me, chuc Me that nhieu suc khoe, luon luon vui ve. Neu ngay xua vi nhung hieu thang va su cung dau cua con lam Me buon, con xin loi.. chi mong sao moi nam van dduoc ve tham gia ddinh va dduoc thuong thuc nhung mon an Me nau la con vui roi. Con cam on Me thattt la nhieuuu… love you Mommy..

Con, Phuong


2 Comments to “”

  1. I read this to mommy and she cried =/

  2. that’s really touching.  you should send this letter.  i really think she’ll love it.  it’ll be the perfect gift.-tuyen

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