Recently I had a chance of watching a really funny and cute Korean romantic comedy called “200 pounds beauty” staring Kim Ah Joong. She’s a very beautiful actress.. but what impress me the most is their OST for this movie.. usually I remember the plot more than the songs in the movie, but this time even after the movie is over with, the songs still stuck in my head until this day. This is only one of the song I was able to get. I hope to get more later on.. enjoy!


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  1. I have this song on my phone as a ringtone!

  2. @Uh_O_its_Minh – well.. I haven’t reallie have much free time sweetie.. but i’ve been catching up hehe.. saving money no other movies for me.. if you have given me the songs i’ll look for them..

  3. really? you only just saw this? wow, i think i saw this like years ago..i’m surprised you never did..hummmmmps- i liked the songs too! I have the songs on my ipod for a while now, like years, and I gave it to you guys, I’m surprised you just heard itanyways,<333

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