after a blissful night spent dreaming

i write this love poem for you

you have given my life meaning

and i swear undying devotion to you .

you are the air i am breathing

every thought in my mind

the reason my heart is beating

the sweetest rose on the vine .

my passion for you has no measure

how can i value what is beyond worth

i only know you are my hearts treasure

and i’m the luckiest girl on this earth .

my life now is so full of beauty

you have made my living worthwhile

and i consider it my duty

to wake you every day with a smile.

we are destined to be together

and what must be must be

make this the first day of our forever

and share lifes happiness with me .

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  1. I don’t know you, but I know that whom ever you may of wrote the verses for above; that person is indeed a lucky person. What you wrote was absolutely beautiful on many levels! Love it mate!kind regards,Jojo!

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