I miss..
 – crawfish
 – oyster
 – snow crab legs
 – gumbo
 – fresh grill fish
 – banh cuon
 – fresh clam
 – lobsters
 – crabs.. the one my dad caught
 – New Orleans
 – Buffalo

Yup I miss seafood in general.. where are my seafood???
Anyways.. there are many good things coming my way.. but before that there are many challenges I must face!!

Chicago is soooooo beautiful today… a taste of spring.. and I already don’t want any more wind chills coming this way…. sooo looking forward to spring and summer…


2 Comments to “”

  1. me toooo!!! yummmyyyi love the spring feeling of the air tooo! lovesss ittt =]anyways, i miss you chi haips one day i was thinking and was like whoa, my chi hai was the best chi hai ever =P just thought you should knowpss can’t wait to visit you in the summer! WEEEEE<333 em ut de thuong =P

  2. oOoo  you live in Chicago? how do you like it over there?-t

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