Guess who have been sick for the past two days?? Felipe.. it kills him to stay in one spot… i know cuz he’s the active one..he barely complain, not even once about how bad he feels, although he complained that he couldn’t go to work.. The best thing of all is that he wants me to leave the house so I wont get sick.. how sweet.. I did leave the house but it was hard to stay away from him.. I was just thinking, if that was me, and I was sick it would be the complete opposite. I would complain all day long, act like a baby, and probably get mad if he leaves for work.. haha.. Face it, I am just a big baby when it comes to him.. yeah, I wonder why I’m so independent in life, and toward other thing, but with him, I just want to be a big baby haha.. (not all of the time of course).. i think i do it cuz he lets me.. yeah… it’s good to know you can be a big baby to someone.. get spoils sometimes..

aniways, food was good today..


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