When I write in English I sound different than when I write in Vietnamese. I believe that each language bring out a certain character in me. Not so much that I feel differently about the subject, but more of the tone in each language. For instance in Vietnamese I sound a lot more mature, and formal.. because “I” is such a common, casual term.. but the is no one meaning to “I” in Vietnamese, depend on how I used it..

“I” = “toi” in Vietnamese, and this makes me sound so old…

Cach viet cua toi trong tieng Anh va tieng Viet rat khac nhau. Tuy theo loai ngon ngu ma toi dung, moi mot ngon ngu mang mot dat tinh khac biet nhau.  etc…

buttttt anyways, I haven’t been speaking Vietnamese lately and esp. not so much writing.. I think I’m losing a great deal. However, words that I treasured in the Vietnamese language, I will never forget… plus I think in writing, Vietnamese is a lot more poetic and romantic.. so I use it mostly when I express in poetry…


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  1. Hi, I was just browsing through blogs and saw yours, I know what you mean! When I write/speak vietnamese I feel like everything is more formal than with english, and I love how poetic/romantic vietnamese is in writing too.

  2. instead of toi, i usually replace it with my name instead.  it just sounds more younger?=)-t

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