I hate making excuses….. hate hate people who makes excuses all of the time.. sure we all make excuses for our action sometimes.. but to do it continuously to the point when people know you’re lying… is like my pet peeve…
sorry for the continuous dots (…) I write like this since like forever (bad writer, I know) but it makes me think better and since I have ADD (major case) putting the dots as I go keep me from losing my thoughts.

Anyways, I was just venting because I bumped into someone today that do just that… I did not want to talk to her, and hear her rambling on about how she missed classes because of this and that .. blah, I know fully well that she is not serious about school.. stop whinning you!.. it was so hard having a conversation with her since everytime we do all she does is complain!!.. I hate being around negative people.. suck the positive out of me.. blah!! now i’m grumpy.. oh no! okie.. now that I vent.. i feel better lol.. it’s time I go home .. to all a good night!!


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