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March 26, 2009

I just don’t know how they do it. The Sex and the City women. I live in Chicago, and walked everywhere. So I thought I could do, really.. I could. Walk all day in heels? I admire those who can walk in heels. They are made to torture. Sure they look good, tempt me every morning. But I only look good for an hour, after that it is just not a pretty sight. I’m limping, crying my eyes out, cussing at my decision. Even the lowest, most comfortable heels I can find, I only able to love them for one hour. Is there any secret on how women do it? let me know… seriously!

March 24, 2009

Waking up feeling good today.. I decided to write on xanga…… but when I saw what featured on xanga front page today.. my mood totally plunge!

Have you Seen these feature blogs lately??? I wish I have an option to turn them off..
“My SO read my blog about my ex calling me wildbeest” blah blah.. Shut it off..!

Okie dokie… I will write a more decent post later! Time to go to school!

March 20, 2009

after a blissful night spent dreaming

i write this love poem for you

you have given my life meaning

and i swear undying devotion to you .

you are the air i am breathing

every thought in my mind

the reason my heart is beating

the sweetest rose on the vine .

my passion for you has no measure

how can i value what is beyond worth

i only know you are my hearts treasure

and i’m the luckiest girl on this earth .

my life now is so full of beauty

you have made my living worthwhile

and i consider it my duty

to wake you every day with a smile.

we are destined to be together

and what must be must be

make this the first day of our forever

and share lifes happiness with me .
March 20, 2009

just now.. i wrote a long entry… but i guess the message was not meant to be told… so xanga disconnected me…okie okie… i won’t write again then.

March 17, 2009

I miss..
 – crawfish
 – oyster
 – snow crab legs
 – gumbo
 – fresh grill fish
 – banh cuon
 – fresh clam
 – lobsters
 – crabs.. the one my dad caught
 – New Orleans
 – Buffalo

Yup I miss seafood in general.. where are my seafood???
Anyways.. there are many good things coming my way.. but before that there are many challenges I must face!!

Chicago is soooooo beautiful today… a taste of spring.. and I already don’t want any more wind chills coming this way…. sooo looking forward to spring and summer…

March 14, 2009

Guess who have been sick for the past two days?? Felipe.. it kills him to stay in one spot… i know cuz he’s the active one..he barely complain, not even once about how bad he feels, although he complained that he couldn’t go to work.. The best thing of all is that he wants me to leave the house so I wont get sick.. how sweet.. I did leave the house but it was hard to stay away from him.. I was just thinking, if that was me, and I was sick it would be the complete opposite. I would complain all day long, act like a baby, and probably get mad if he leaves for work.. haha.. Face it, I am just a big baby when it comes to him.. yeah, I wonder why I’m so independent in life, and toward other thing, but with him, I just want to be a big baby haha.. (not all of the time of course).. i think i do it cuz he lets me.. yeah… it’s good to know you can be a big baby to someone.. get spoils sometimes..

aniways, food was good today..

March 10, 2009

When I write in English I sound different than when I write in Vietnamese. I believe that each language bring out a certain character in me. Not so much that I feel differently about the subject, but more of the tone in each language. For instance in Vietnamese I sound a lot more mature, and formal.. because “I” is such a common, casual term.. but the is no one meaning to “I” in Vietnamese, depend on how I used it..

“I” = “toi” in Vietnamese, and this makes me sound so old…

Cach viet cua toi trong tieng Anh va tieng Viet rat khac nhau. Tuy theo loai ngon ngu ma toi dung, moi mot ngon ngu mang mot dat tinh khac biet nhau.  etc…

buttttt anyways, I haven’t been speaking Vietnamese lately and esp. not so much writing.. I think I’m losing a great deal. However, words that I treasured in the Vietnamese language, I will never forget… plus I think in writing, Vietnamese is a lot more poetic and romantic.. so I use it mostly when I express in poetry…

March 9, 2009

I hate making excuses….. hate hate people who makes excuses all of the time.. sure we all make excuses for our action sometimes.. but to do it continuously to the point when people know you’re lying… is like my pet peeve…
sorry for the continuous dots (…) I write like this since like forever (bad writer, I know) but it makes me think better and since I have ADD (major case) putting the dots as I go keep me from losing my thoughts.

Anyways, I was just venting because I bumped into someone today that do just that… I did not want to talk to her, and hear her rambling on about how she missed classes because of this and that .. blah, I know fully well that she is not serious about school.. stop whinning you!.. it was so hard having a conversation with her since everytime we do all she does is complain!!.. I hate being around negative people.. suck the positive out of me.. blah!! now i’m grumpy.. oh no! okie.. now that I vent.. i feel better lol.. it’s time I go home .. to all a good night!!